Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Name is Khan (2010) [* *]

I've hesitated to write about this movie because I don't enjoy bollywood movies much, and I didn't like a lot of things in it. But then I decided I have to speak my mind on this whole Obama craze the world is currently in. In this movie Shahrukh Khan goes to see the new President to stop the abuse of muslims in the US. A fine sentiment, but really Obama isn't going to take a stand for anyone. What has Obama done to date?

The occupation of Iraq is still on. The US army is still in Afghanistan. Guantanamo Bay still keeps its inmates. I mean, he even said he'd go vegan if he ever gets to the White House when he got the animal rights' votes - he's still gobbling land and sea animals by the dozen to this day ... and his Nobel Prize for Peace while he's reneging on every campaign promise he's made ... it's enough to make anyone's blood boil.

That being said, it was good to see an autistic indian man for a change as a hero. Kajol looks good with her plastic surgeries but sounds awful trying to be cute. Same goes for SRK's put-on cuteness, though I suspect he can't help it either. He looks older than he is (gawd, I discuss indian movies like the actors are my neighbours.:p).

The tear-jerker got nearly everyone in the theatre and I'm no exception - it was mostly the music, I think. Hate having my emotions drawn out for no good reason, especially when it's overacting drama-kings. lol

I wouldn't recommend it unless you're over 65 and enjoy that kind of torture.

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