Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Nutrition filled sprouted malt

The cottage industry malt is so much different from the ones u get in the tinned or packed mass produced malts, available on the grocery shelf,with fancy names and catchy colors.

This is sprouted and hence has an enzyme activated form, chemical free as the villager has no chance of that knowledge and makes to short order , hence u need no preservatives for a long duration stagnation on the kitchen or fridge shelf, economical as no money is spent on advertisement, and taxes.

Locally available cereals and pulses are preferably used, like oats, mung dal, green grams, ragi, millet, all are soaked separately and then tied up and allowed to sprout.

They are then powdered and aromatic herbs or spices added and ginger too.

The malt goes great with salt or sugar and country jaggery.

Will tell a simple preparation, add a spoon of malt to a quarter tumbler of water and stir to a paste.

Boil water and then add the paste to the water and stir, while the water continues to boil, u can add chopped onions and then salt to taste. The drink is ready.

Serve while hot and goes well with lime pickle to lick.

For health strength and energy – have a malted mix.


Yoda said...

I wonder where I'll get this - I doubt if my city will have any local version around to compete with horlicks and complan malts.

venkhat said...

Yoda,u can talk with one of the aunts who are willing to do a cottage industry service for the neighborhood.

It is so soul satisfying especially when the kids adore it, and the elders are with a smile when they know the truth of the malt.

some good things never get into competition.