Monday, 15 March 2010

Thiamerasol-Autism, delinked

Now that the judgement has been given in a vaccine court in the U S , a branch of the US court of federal claims.

Verdict-Thiamerasol does not cause autism.

Ding the parents and their lawyers they can go and find fault with some thing else for the cause of their kids autism, the government is pure and so are the companies that make the vaccine with the addictive called thiomerasol, a preservative which we know as mercury.

The doctors don’t know the cause nor does any one else about autism, but u have to take the governments mandatory vaccine schedules, even if u think that can be the cause of the autism.

One has no choice and special master George Hasting has sympathy for the public

“Such families must cope every day with tremendous challenges in caring for their autistic children, and all are deserving of sympathy and admiration,’’ wrote special master George Hastings Jr.

There seems to be more folks to guard government policies than protect kids.

One cant be on both sides, take your pick.

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