Saturday, 6 March 2010

How young is it to catch them early

These words are flowing as a response and not a reaction to an article, which promotes sex education to kids as young as 7 in the UK school through cartoons, with the willingness of parents………. Will parents accept that.?

We had classes on sex taught at the 11 th’ grade then“ the world is more than just b… and p… and c… and d… we were told, and it is charms and grace that makes the biological things ticking.”

They were as clean as health classes and we continue to respect the opposite gender all thro’ till now with their differences and our compatibilities.

Earlier in our village we had girls attain menarche at 14yrs or around then, now we even had one at 9, even nature seems to catch us young ,or is it the hormones they add to the feeds on the chickens to make them big and heavy for the weights?

Cultural variations can be so different that no one rule will surely work, and mother nature s intention of propagation of species is not the only matter now.

Hurrying things can have a draw back, which can be immature and disastrous.

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