Thursday, 11 March 2010

Kambang koolu - pearl millet balls for summer

Like other cultures, seasonal variations are there for food in our village.

Millet keeps the body cool, and one can work with a feeling of an in built air conditioner.

The summer is excruciating, and the push cart is a familiar site on the village road.

The vendor balances a clay pot on the cart with a ringed base; boiled millet is the dish,

Chopped onions and curd are the ingredients and mixed using the traditional mottu, which folks use to churn milk to get butter. All given in a large tumbler, for 5 rupees or a bit more.

The side dish is chopped, salt and chilli powdered mangoes,( like one gets in marina beach ,Chennai)and deep fried chillies.(more molaga)

There are door to door deliveries of this delicacy, and having them on the home plate with the family cross legged can be a great break fast, with mango or lime pickles.


Yoda said...

Mmmm, sounds heavenly! I don't think I've ever tried it.

venkhat said...

The tongue gets a taste of originality.If only these courier personel would accept,food items there would be a flood of food exchanges around the country.

i am going to sweet talk to my courier service.