Sunday, 21 March 2010

Drapes and Designs

“Clothes maketh a man and manners maketh a man.”

Elampillains have decided to send their children to schools with good English governess, and matrons who will care for their linen and manners.

For the clothes part, we have inherited in our line of ancestors, who have a reputation of garments from handlooms to the present powerlooms and computer generated designs and embroidery machines.

Welcome to the world of fashions at Elampillai.

There are still homes which have the pits of handlooms, but they are dwindling, quick work machines are now the trend.

Our chudidars and art silk designed sarees are found draped on the window dolls of many a fashion store in the up city garment stores..

For those who are slim and trim, we have designs and for those who need to hide the ugliness we have bed spreads, I believe.

God made man in his own form, but it is the fashion industry that makes a girl a beauty, and a man a smarty, with the garments and styles, of the modern world.

To realize ones Godliness, I suppose is another art.

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