Saturday, 13 March 2010

Country brown sugar

Karupetti, or bella as it is called in our village is made from palm tappings, heating the liquid with no chemicals and made into balls or small bars like chocolate slabs.(those cadbury chaps got ideas from us, we gave it to them free of charge)

There are innumerable recipes made with this unrefined sugar, from sweet chapattis to

Payasam, jams, cereals powders, peanut burfys, the list could be endless, all that one needs is to get them and encouragements from the family and friends to bring on new recipes.

They go great as a side dish for aval( rice flakes) uppuma and wheat uppuma, sambar sadam, tamarind rice.

This shanty afternoon, there was this lady selling , and she carried them in a bamboo basket, the one u see cost 65 rupees ( I am not a good bargainer), the bigger one costs 100, I got this as a trial for the next buy.

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