Sunday, 1 August 2010

Road diggers follow the road layers

The road leading to the village market was laid with lots of hope and engineering skill, so that the rain water flows to the sides and care taken to prevent pot holes before the next monsoon rains.

Like with all precautions, some simple things get lost and all good roads get dug.

I remember a few months back the road laying had begun with lots of funfair, many workers cleaning up the mudroad with brushes and getting the measurements right for the road, the engineer and the contractor were around so that there was no wastage of the tar and stones.

We watched as the original road was all pillaged and jelly stones were laid and they let the road roller with massive wheels go over them and red clay soil covered and watered and more rolling with those mechanical elephants.

The smaller stoned jellies were next and then came the tar, there was such a lot of market crowd to see the goings on , that it finally finished after a week.

It was such fun to ride through that road, no bumps and vvroom it was for all the vehicles.

This morning we saw a few diggers with crow bars making dents at the sides of the new road, their orders were for laying a water pipe along the road, a resident made use of this opportunity to lay a drainage pipe across the new road, from his house.

There are no words to describe this, may be the diggers file should have been the one first to be solved than the road laying file at the municipalities office.

What a misplacement of office files!! And a nasty joke on the residents.

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Yoda said...

Lol, happens all over India - the govt can't seem to get its priorities right and puts the cart before the horse everytime.

The one big difference I found between the US and India is the level of efficiency: it takes 1 hour's energy to get anything done there but 10 days and 10 people to do the same here. That's why that's the 'developed' world.:)