Monday, 1 August 2011

For Health ,Strength and Energy- Sprouted Malt

Many a home maker has turned to making ones own sprouted malt these days, as the ones in the market are not sprouted, nor are they aromatic and rich in nutrition.

This cottage industry has sprouted with the boost of the general practioners, who know that the powders that come in packaged colorful containers are anything but what they claim in the media.

I have a third cousin on my mothers side who has taken up this project work with zeal, but dampened with no encouragement.

She first selects wheat, rye, oats, green gram, mung dal,other pulses which have a tendency to sprout soon, soaks them separate and makes them sprout, she dries them in the shade and then gets them off to be grounded with the traditional stone grinders, and adding ginger,she enriches the malt with badam and pista.

There is many a way one could use this powder, we use it to make porridge with salt, seasoned at times with small onions, goes great by itself, home made lemon pickle would add credit to the dish.

For a healthy family, a malt made with love and care with no chemicals.

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