Friday, 30 September 2011

Are Our Children, Your Children?

Why do i keep on kicking the vaccine topic again and again ?

Well for one it is not getting the coverage it needs, in awareness and its ingredients, and second, it is getting more coverage with forced vaccination, and with out consent, from parents for the children, in future

Don't believe it!!

Well u can look it up with the AB 499 bill ( Anti parent, Merck vaccination bill)that is going to get passed and then , you can't decide for the kids whether they should take it or not, well if u can't, then who are your kids, in this health issue.

If it get passed in this one state of California, then the neighbours,will pass and then eventually all the nations.

We are good at follow the leader.

We parents who are so well read, and still not able to get to know about the vaccines, do u think our children who are in the teens will know to decide?

If u think u know, start with the ingredients and spend some time, for the health of the future generations in your family tree.

Bye bye kids, u are to decide for yourself , at 12 whether u want the sexually transmitted disease vaccination, ( gardasil) or not, well u will have it , they know how to make u say " S".

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venkhat said...

I never knew that in a marriage, knot ,the government was a part of the threesome, until i read a few lines of judicial words in simple terms.

“Marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties-the husband, the wife and the state.“

Van Koten v. Van Koten. 154 N.E. 146.


“…When two people decide to get married, they are required to first procure a license from the State. If they have children of this marriage, they are required by the State to submit their children to certain things, such as school attendance and vaccinations. Furthermore, if at some time in the future the couple decides the marriage is not working, they must petition the State for a divorce. Marriage is a three-party contract between the man, the woman, and the State“


“This public interest is what allows the State to intervene in certain situations to protect the interests of members of the family.   The State is like a silent partner in the family who is not active in the everyday running of the family but becomes active and exercises its power and authority only when necessary to protect some important interest of family life.   Taking all of this into consideration, the question no longer is whether the State has an interest or place in disputes such as the one at bar, but it becomes a question of timing and necessity.“

Also, this case law states…

“The state has a wide range of power for limiting parental freedom and authority in things affecting the child’s welfare… In fact, the entire familial relationship involves the State.”

“The primary control and custody of infants is with the government.”

Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62