Friday, 30 April 2010

Acetaminophen recall

Recently there has been a recall of some ranges and packing of acetaminophen products, in the United States of America

This is a compound that is supposed to be the most simplest of all allopathic formulations used for fever and pain, it is also called by another name called paracetamol.

I had been in search of the ingredients of drug preparations, that led me to look out what this had in it.

The reason for the recall has been traced to the presence of 2 .4 .6 .tribromoanisole a chemical used to keep mould in check in wood pallet used for transportation, well it seeped in.

I was more interested in knowing the things inside the packing, the inactive ingredients.

The lists sure frightened me. For the brave I shall add it in the attachments.;jsessionid=PYREQPCYOBRYMCQPCAOSUYYKB2IIWNSC?id=tylenol/pain/

I had asked the question to the medical representatives, who visit to promote the pharmaceutical products, to talk on the ingredients and if we have problems with the chemicals how do we tackle.

They were more interested in my friendship.

They seem to be unenlightened of their products, so I have decided to study on the net, and continue to be astonished how we are prescribed and allowed to get such formulations with ease.

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