Friday, 9 April 2010

Same crook different name

The crook was initially named as Aspartame, now it has been rechristened as Aminosweet.

I had written earlier and mentioned many times through my expressions the bad effects of this compound and how it had a side entrance into the market , slipping through the net of FDA and more sinister workings, with the help of political clout.

The medical field will do much better if we are aware of the workings of this compound, and the various difficulties it causes to our patients, a lot of money would be saved on medications, and on research and development into the causes of diseases.

Practically all the packets and tins and bottled products seem to have got this chemical into them, the prescribed medications and over the counter sold drugs and even vaccines seem to have them all. WHY?

Can we not seem to sense insanity in this, and now that the criminals are changing names cant we at least guess things are wrong from the base.

I think we need to check more on this, individually to get at the truth and accept the findings.

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