Sunday, 25 April 2010

Treasure Planet [2002] (* * * *)

A futuristic remake of Treasure Island.

This Disney movie was bearable in one feature - though it was fast-paced, there were no recognizable animals, so no earth-animal abused (that's the awful thing about animation - the bonking and crushing and casual abuse for a burlesque laugh - what kind of kids laugh at suffering? I've only ever known 2 who did, and they both grew up into bullies. I remember every other child cringing away from these tasteless cartoons all these years, Walt. Get that? It isn't funny.)

The hero was insufferably american in expression - spoilt, sullen and bored in a studied way. Anyway, we've fortunately got the R L Stevenson original firmly in our minds: the Tintin-like eager intelligence, the willingness to deal with difference yet rejecting evil.

Oh, and I was so glad that there wasn't a sappy love interest for the teen - maybe we can thank Stevenson for keeping his work a pure adventure or -- Disney is finally aware of the escalating teen pregnancies in the US.:)

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