Saturday, 10 April 2010


A diagnosis on line- treatment!.

It is a possibility and the patient may get well, but do u think the bureau and relatives will leave u in peace when they get to know what u have done .

There is a chance u may get off , if the rules have been placed by the government and had folks at a call center, who are not eligible to treat.

In third world countries we have multi trading quacks dispense medicines, but a nation of strict regulations and paper work, and v.i.p. status !!!

This is what has happened during the recent swine flu epidemic, a patient calls up his GP and gets to be directed to a hot line , where his problems are heard and prescriptions made and medicines dispensed.

How many of those are really swine flu, how could an illness be diagnosed, this way when such detailed procedures are followed for other problems, and what amount of medicines are allowed to be prescribed,with such a waste of tax payers money, when those medicines get stalled.

The public will surely be careful the next time the government and high organizations cry “epidemic epidemic” before they rush to get medicines.

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