Thursday, 29 April 2010

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) [* * * * *]

Human insensitivity has always astonished me. Especially culturally transmitted memes or memories of how to mutilate life in other species in our service. How can anyone see a newborn horse and want to tame it? Or a puppy and chain it? Or a chicken hatched fresh from an egg and cage it? A calf and only see milk or meat, depending on whether its female or male? Such malignancy can only be impressed by force of ridicule and fear on children, yet entire cultures do it every day - and over a billion humans never give it a thought. Strange predators, we are.

This movie is about a wild mustang (free horses that roam) and its suffering at the hands of humans until it fights for its freedom from slavery with sheer will and courage. I couldn't watch most of it - it was too painful. But the way animals are born free, live free and love are glorified - I hope it makes a few kids re-sensitized and never want to ride one of these noble sentient beings ever. That's the best one can hope for.


venkhat said...

Your words made me think, how we ill treat so many species,makes us humans in general a shameful lot.

I have not given this amount of thought, for me FREEDOM is the most important word.

Yoda said...

True, venkhat, freedom is their birthright.