Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dante's Inferno (2010) [* * * * *]

The best thing about this animated movie is that you're absolved of reading the book! (difficult reading for its fanatical christianess, at least for us non-christians.:)

Dante is a returning christian Crusader after having committed heinous crimes in the name of God during his time in the Middle East. But the worst was that he'd broken his promise to his beloved Beatrice to be faithful to her, even though she wouldn't marry him until his return.

When he gets home he sees his family has been freshly killed and Beatrice on her last breath asks him if he'd been faithful, and he swears to it. But Satan takes her innocent soul soon after because she'd made a deal with him for Dante's safe return upon that promise.

Dante follows her into hell to save her and the rest is a wonderful journey into his crimes in the name of God. Virgil acts as his guide and there are several older greek heroes from tales incorporated that makes it the epic it is.

He sees so many souls there that are in Hell due to him - his unborn child from his lust for Beatrice that couldn't wait for marriage; his friend who he betrayed and led into indiscriminate violence; his parents for their sins, and Beatrice herself to whom he lied and betrayed for her illusions.

Fabulous storytelling - like the reverse of Savitri and Yama's tale. Worth watching - an Amar Chitra Katha feel to it.:)

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