Sunday, 25 April 2010

Chicken Little [2005] (* * * * *)

I really, really appreciate this movie. The original story of Chicken Little is very depressing to read, even as an adult. It dulls the mind and weakens your faith in a good world. It's about time someone remade it to give it a happy ending.

Disney does just that.

The sky falls and no one believes him. Chicken Little loses all credibility - he is teased in school, on the streets and his father no longer believes in him. But when the sky falls again, he wisely seeks the help of his friends, Ugly Duckling and Co., and this time, he manages to save the world from an alien invasion as he originally intended.

Took off from the original depressing tale to make it upbeat for children to remember that good intentions are not enough - you need people to back you up.

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