Friday, 9 April 2010

video games to street crimes

Killing games start at the videos, building them on to inhuman violent street scenes like those that has been brought out by wikileaks of the Baghdad killings.

It was more like duck shooting practice than any thing else. why are such violent games marketed?are they catching them young for recruitment to carry guns.

It was a shame to hear the voices of the killers, as they shot the civilians and the journalists from a safe helicopter.

Who will take responsibility for the doings of such soldiers, and will such soldiers really stay sane after such actions, don’t they have a heart? or has it been converted to a metallic tank inside after they joined the services?

For those who don’t know what this is about see this link .


Yoda said...

The Christian Crusades of 1095 - 1291 are continued at the turn of our century unchanged, Venkhat, even if disguised.

Bush, Sr and Jr, are both christian fanatics and the american soldier are the mercenaries of our time, willing to kill the innocent to get paid.

Yoda said...

I couldn't bear to watch past a couple of mins of that video. Painful to see the bloodlust.