Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tragedy strikes the brave poles in the air

The plane carrying the top most officials of the polish government (all traveling together) clipped the tree tops before crashing at the western Russian town.

Many reasons are being raised and, none will bring them back to life, but these poles were sure brave.

One reason we can think is their prime minister Tusk and health minister Dr Eva refused to accept the swine flu vaccine, even though 145 polish among the 40 million of its citizens died of swine flu, as they felt it was not well researched and trial done, and it was being forced by the authorities.


It did not spend one cent, while all the other European nations have loads of the vaccine on the shelves now.

Another brave act was refusal to accept loans from the I M F while it was willing to offer a loan to it, as its currency was strong.

It has become a norm in this world where bravery is dealt with tragedies.


Yoda said...

They were probably rubbed off by the vaccine goons before others could follow their example.

Yoda said...

Nice vid about the swine flu vaccines!