Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Annam Bhrammam. Annam auyshadam( food is existence, food is medicine)

We Indians have always considered food as divinity and those who prepare them as divine.

In many a home for an illness a food dish is recommended, and we use our food as promoters of health.

We respect it so.

We hate our respect for our food to be tampered with laws and patencies.

We have our ways of selection of fruits and vegetables for an ailment; does that make that good food a medicine, a drug, and need us to get a license from an authority to use it???

We are seeing laws being forced in India and abroad regarding this subject.( codex alimentarius, s510, drug authorities raiding natural stores, genetically manufactured foods)with so many laws and implementation so difficult and licenses beyond the reach of small time farmers.

This is a vast subject with regional differences, cannot the administrative and business authorities keep their hands off and let the local folks carry on their trade regarding foods of farm produce.

Diseases do not really come from the farm produce, the simple natural foods are blamed, and carried strongly by the media to the gullible public.( spinach, and tomatoes gave us e coli infections!!!)

I hope we have some gallant ones who will type and talk for MOTHER NATURE, than just promote Frankenstein foods and accept them.

Slow foods made with simple methods of cooking, is the best for the family and health of all.

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