Sunday, 11 April 2010

Paniyaram stall

The summer evening is reddish and the stomach churns for a snack, the setting sun brings the local workers to the roadside paniyaram stall.

The old lady sitting at the firewood furnace cooly turns the paniyarams with the needle like long instrument, for an even cooking.

For those who don’t know what is a paniyaram, it is a south Indian delicacy using rice and urdu dal and some menthi (fenugreek), all soaked and then grounded and the resulting dough let to ferment overnight.

The pan used to make this delicacy is a flat stone, with muti pits for the dough, firewood stove, and onions and chillies to be mixed with the dough, they go great with no side dishes and with gossiping of the local news.

A few plastic stools or wooden benches are the sitting places,with old note books as paper plates, many prefer to share the food with family, so there are take home orders.

One has no choice in the oil used, shhh don’t tell any one it is palm oil and refined oils only.

For those who prefer to have eggs with this or a rounded omelet, eggs and onions are mixed and poured into the pits and voila u have an egg paniyaram.

Next time u are at our place or nearby choose an evening snack of paniyarams.


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