Saturday, 8 May 2010

A line of empty colored water pots

It has become a common sight these days to see long lines of pots at a bore well,or a tap which offers this liquid gold of necessity.

This summer has been very cruel, and the rains have been missed much .

The rain clouds don’t seem to make a halt over our area, may be they have other calls to make, more needful than us.

We watch the lightening and thunder and the cool breeze blowing, in the evenings and they silently move away.

The water tankers seem to make a thriving business these days, filling their tanks from distant wells, the drinking water from mettur too has been stopped for some reason.

The fighting scenes at the lines have started, and some have taken up spots to hear the streams of words flow where there should have been flowing water.

The bore wells which had the water table at 300 feet were the first to go dry, now the wells much lower at 600 are gone.

May be the next bore rig will come up with petroleum when they tap for water.

We need rains.

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