Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Those three hours

For the past one year, we have had an electrical shut down for a minimum of three hours

daily,a monthly day of shut down is another thing, for maintainence.

There are times when there is an extra hour, but this time gap of 3 hours is constant.

There is a shift in this, between area to area.

No one has been able to really guess to this lapse, an insufficiency! what happens to that electricity, and why do we spend away in waste at times of certain functions.

I remember the local festival, when whole streets have multiple tube lamps burning the whole night, I wonder for what…I have refused to encourage that extravaganza.

what happens to those things that need refrigeration( medicines), things which need life support systems, where a generator is not possible?

Now a days practically all the affordable homes have an u.p s. or a portable generator.

Are these the things which make certain folks move?or to keep folks in quite control.

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