Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bills from the blue

Currency is a media used as an exchange for work or produce.

When the work or the product is good , the currency becomes valuable, in exchange.


The gold is the standard, with this as a reserve , a nations currency is valued and a media of use and distribution is printed as paper money.

When a nation prints money according to the safe backing of GOLD the printed money has a stability, but when the printing presses go running according to the needs of a call for money, there are many words for it , but one could call it lawful counterfeit, or a bill from the blue.

Now pick up your wallet and pull out a bill, and check if the state promises to give the amount of exchange of the bill in gold.!

It is your work, your savings,check the body language.

The hard workers continue to work harder, the pilferers continue to learn more ways of pilfering.

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