Sunday, 2 May 2010

Vacs sin

Most topics of sins are taboo, and this is no better.

I have an expansion for VACCINE

V very

A active

C chemical

C combinations

I introduced into

N natural

E environment the body.

The subject is so controversial that the learned ones are not willing to listen or debate on it.

We can start with the immune system, is the immunity that is gained naturally and by the administration of vaccine similar?

Take any vaccine and study the components and one gets to gape at the list, and if we study the effects of the individual chemicals we can sure wonder why they all got there in the first place.

Pharmacological and medicinal topics are no more under the jurisdiction of the medical white coats, ever since the coming of the materials on the net.

The recent episodes of kids going under effects in Australia, is a sure eye opener to at least research at the net for the welfare of our family.

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venkhat said...

i have found no one has commented, thought i would add another article. why doctors dont answer questions, on flu vaccines.