Friday, 21 May 2010


The term is very clear; it is that which disperses another substance, which is contained.


The substance is the oil and gas that is spewing out in the Gulf of Mexico for the past one month.

The dispersant is corexit that is made by an American company whose share has risen sharply since its product has been allowed to be used by authorities.

The butoxy ethanol in the corexit will disperse the spewing oil and god know how much will go where, how are we going to get it collected then, what happens?

Wont folks in high places seen sense in these toxic games of destruction to nature, by adding such things to the seas, making the sea an area of depletion of oxygen and a dead zone.

While more natural things are available, like I mentioned friends of nature, farmers advising HAY.

First plug the leak.

We are killing ourselves , but first our resources that live in the sea.

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