Monday, 31 May 2010

Learning to dance to ones own tune

It was a one day programme for kids ranging from 7 to 14, was organized by youngsters around 25yrs and conducted by Swami Atmo.

It took place in our village at the government school campus, and 35 children attended.

The kids were allowed to be themselves, and encouraged to take part in the meditation techniques, with music as the background.

It started with the kids offering flowers to the swami, and the kids being allowed to share their background.

One technique got them to talk in the language before they learnt to use words like Appa and Amma, it was fun.

Another was to get them alert called traffic walking and watching. There was exercises and dancing and sharing of their skills like painting and arts and crafts, and singing.

Another was to bring totality of use of ones senses, and more which involved things to bring out the talents of the kids.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we.

The parents came in the end and were allowed to interact to get to know more of the programme, and benefits.

Those who could forget their age,were allowed to take part too.


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