Sunday, 23 May 2010

Biotics or Anti-biotics

Ever since the serendipitous discovery of penicillin, the micro organism world has been won over, and continues to do so, with the medical research spending large amounts in finding new formulas.

The anti biotics, have been abused so much that there is no binding rule or procedure to save their dignity of action, that new ones have to be discovered, to keep in check the fast mutating organisms.

I once had been to a chicken farm, where the worker rattled off all the names of anti biotics that they administer in the feeds and other ways,that made us think what was left over for us to treat for our patients!!whose system with these foods will be immune to our medicines.

I have had a thought that if these magical cures have an effect to save lives why have they been termed as ANTI BIOTIC, against life, they should have been termed as pro biotic or just as biotic.

If they have been termed right, then we need to really see how they are against life, and if it is so, how restricted must their use be, when being prescribed.

i recommend reading my old article " an encounter under the microscope"


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