Thursday, 6 May 2010

Planet Hulk (2010) [* * * * *]

If one can be shown the value of rage and destructiveness in a positive light, we'd probably condemn it less in the movies. The way it is usually shown is senseless, the impotent collision of an individual with society. Whereas the Hulk series is more thoughtful. It has always been about the strength of anger - a force we've all used at some time to free ourselves from the weakness of despair or convention.

In the Planet Hulk we find a more positive potrayal of the Incredible Hulk than before. On Earth he was an object to be feared and pitied, but sent into exile, he is the answer to another planet's prayers. The Hulk is forced into slavery as a gladiator on it. He fights his way to freedom for himself and other slaves and brings down the dictator Red King and frees the planet. A simple and very gripping story where violence is, for once, quite inseparable.

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