Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gulf spill - Mother Nature has a cleaner

The Gulf of Mexico had a blast on one of its off shore oil rigs and it is spewing up oil .

The Bp has been using chemicals to disperse them and is lost as to the future of its firm and its mess.

The whole world is watching how are the oil spillers going to clean up, there may be many issues as to what caused it and more conspiracy theories, but for now the clean up.

Mother Nature has a help if we are willing to take up the idea from her agent the farmer.


Yoda said...

Wow, terrific vid, venkhat. I just posted it on facebook.

venkhat said...

Yoda it seems the Americans are donating their hair,to adsorb the oil spill.

Yoda said...

haha.:) good one.

venkhat said...

it seems way back in in the 60s it was tried in santa barbara oil spill
let us hope they get this mess cleared up soon for the welfare of the birds and the fishes.

venkhat said...

now the yankees are using dispersants on the oil, to prevent what???
if it is collected now,less trouble, once it is dispersed then it will be in minute goblets and more difficult, may be not visible , but present.