Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hanged by a stethoscope

“The king is dead, long live the king” would be very apt in this ruling, where Dr Andrew Wakefeld the gastroenterologist, who has been banned from practicing medicine in England, because he was dishonest, misleading and irresponsible, while conducting research as to the possible link of Autism, bowel disease and MMR.

In his own words he has only said there needs to be more studies done to look at the link of these three.

Going against the trend, torching(enlightening) and touching the area of wrong doings can surely get one into the dungeon is really true.

I have written many a line regarding this, we need to go back to our immunology studies, let us not take sides with individual folks, each one has their own faults.

How can an article which is once published by a reputed journal like Lancet, can be felt to be wrong with scientific studies and later withdrawn. Are the backers for the journal so powerful, or may be the article slipped through their notices first? And they noticed its ramification with reduced vaccine sales later.

He is one of their soil, the cream of the medical profession, the higest caliber of fellowship, if this can happen to him, the message would be clear, “keep your feet within your shoes.”

I wonder how come there are no doctors to his rescue, and no one in his own field seem to see things with his angle, are they all worried with his fate, is this to silence those who have similar ideas around the world?

Is this the way of stuffing the world of truth?( today it is him, another day another honest one.)

One can get to listen to his side of stance, by googling , dr mercola +dr Andrew wakefeld + interview.( reading the transcript is easier than following the voice alone)

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