Monday, 3 May 2010

Swift and sure in the left

Many an artist, a poet,a musician and a mathematician is a lefty.

In our village if a child is growing up to use his left hand more he is forced to change, scolded and hurt and ridiculed and parents blamed for letting it so.

Our kid bats in the left and bowls in the right, eats with the right and plays shuttle with the left, may be this is more balanced for his being, like our poojarees use both hands to do the poojas, (the bell and the camphor plate)

They say that the right side of the brain works different and brings out talents and skills unknown by the left brain and the right handed ones.

Great ones from Leonardo to Albert Einstein of our times were leftist, Hellen keller to our present president of states are them. There are some who are equally good at both hands and called ambidextrous, those are the rare ones.

May we allow the natural tendencies of the children to blossom and bring on their creative spirits to reality.

Any lefties of the blog readers, and their kids? may be there is a talented one out there.

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