Saturday, 4 September 2010

Are u the one u are

There I was casually walking to work this morning, when I had a cyclist chugging along at my pace.

He got into words if I was the one who was practicing at my location.

Having confirmed my profession and my reality,he wanted to know if one should take medicines for high blood pressure for life long, longevity.

Here I was given a chance to offer a solicit, I enquired details of his quest, and who told him so.

He had been to another doctor and wanted second opinion from me, and wanted to become my patient.

If making or breaking a patient of his mind made fear, was allowed!!!! I would elect to break his fear.

That I did and told him to stick to his doctor as he has showed him lots of concern and care.

The villager got what he wanted and I have saved him a necessary visit to my work station.

I offered prayers at a way side pyramid temple and was gaily walking to my work shop, to do what I already did, but for others who will get it under the breeze of my fan.

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