Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The whistler in the kitchen

There is no home with out this whistler, and none who does not go green at hearing this whistle at ones beauty in the kitchen.

It is the aluminium pressure cooker.

Ever since this came into invention, the cooking time has been reduced, and the fuel has been saved.If not for the metal that gets leeched by the food that we cook in it , much can be of use, in this method of heat to cook food.

The modern world is much worried of aluminum and its deleterious effects on the human body and mind, and yet there is not much we can do, till we find an alternative to it, whether in medicines or in composite materials of use.

There is so much talk on Alzheimer’s disease that there is much to read, linking that with aluminium,it is present in the antacids, that many keep switching for the sake of colour and flavour. it is present in other medicines and also in the refined free flowing table salt.

May we get to find alternatives to this metal soon, with no deleterious effects to us.


Yoda said...

I've read that coriander is a good detox for heavy metals like alumnium here

venkhat said...

Thanks for that link Yoda, i always look out for the country aromatic coriander with small stems at the market, it is also a detox for mercury.