Wednesday, 29 September 2010

When Worlds Collide (1951)[* * * * *]

I've been watching sci-fi with a vengence, these last few weeks.:) Funny how we always feel like we missed out because we were born before the computer and tv revolution. I think I promised myself during those years of visual starvation that I'd get caught up, and here I am watching a movie a day for all that I might have missed out.

Turns out that I haven't missed much actually - I've seen some terrible movies that make me glad I didn't waste my youth on this medium and used my imagination with books instead! Let me name a few just to put them behind me:
The Lost Island of Hydra [2009] (*)
Never waste your eyes on this.
Here is the tragedy of tv: in 2009, people are still churning out very dreary 'adventures' to fill hours in other very dreary lives. A bunch of american kids find an island with a living hydra which they probably kill (I didn't watch it through the end). I saw two other End of the World adventures that were slightly less boring but nonetheless unnecessary to make. While I've always wanted to write, I think these third rate stories are the source of my writers block - I am afraid to write anything remotely as tired as these. If we don't have a story to tell, its better we don't commit ourselves to words.:)

Back to When Worlds Collide, this would be one of the better sci fi I've seen of the lot. Much as I love sci fi, I must say the entire crop of them runs along the same boring theme of the earth coming to an end.  This version is slightly better only because there are moral references to sacrifice that make it interesting. It makes depressing viewing and triggers a bleak view of the future. I'd advice kids to avoid these and instead see brighter visions like Star Wars.

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venkhat said...

i loved star trek series as a kid and still do if i get a chance to see them.
Enterprise,super imaginative ship vulcan who does not smile
but who has won our heart with his ears, and the handsome captain with his crew.
make a review on that one day yoda.