Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A cow among the herd

It was a breezy morning and I had decided to go for a bath to the mountain spring,after a gap of a month of drizzle and rains.

The last part of the journey is a foot path walk near the stream,I was taking along, the towel and change of clothes in a mesh basket of plastic in my hand, chewing a neem twig to brush my teeth.

It was at this time a herd of cows shooed by a cow boy were slowly coming behind, they were about 15 in number along with the calves, they normally go up the mountains to graze and return in the evenings and some times the next day.

At one moment I was in the centre of the cowherd, not a coward to the cows, I became one among them, that period it was an animal time, lost was my human nature, but just walking along with them, it was like I was keeping time with their step of hooves.

They over took me and made their way to the stream for a sip of water and up the mountain path.

I was back to my individual nature, and on my way to a bath, with a residual of that animalness for a few moments longer which is blank and inexpressible.

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