Saturday, 4 September 2010

Snake gourd

The snake gourds are not allowed to reach to the full maturity to the looks of a snake these days, they are harvested much earlier more to the likes of a cucumber itself.

This creeper vegetable is not a grand vegetable,and almost unknown to the family, I blame it on the kitchen beauties.

Like all creepers, it is one of the most medicinal vegetable and helps in alkalizing the body and healing it of its diseased state, and maintain a healthy system

Like all vegetables they must be thoroughly washed before cutting and then not put into water as the minerals will get dissolved in the water and they will get sent to the sink.

We can cut into thin pieces like match sticks, and many a variety of dishes prepared, a simple one is with split green gram and small onions, made in a clay pot, goes great with rice or chappatis.

For the non-vegetarians, these vegetables are cut horizontally, and fried in oil, they offer looks similar to fishes, easy to cheat elders,but not the kids.

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Shaz said...

we eat this a lot, but we cut it in slices and cook with onion and green chillies, turmeric and salt. It should be so tender that after cooking, it is almost like a paste.
And my kids love it too.