Monday, 13 September 2010

Milk maids from the farm

(I saw a video where police enter an organic farm store guns drawn, to harass organic farmers.I hope it never happens in our country ever.)

Milk is for the calf and not for humans, but for those who are still addicted to this infant habit, the village milk from the farms is the choice, if one does not like the industrialized factory milk.

In this age of pasteurized milk and melamine added to milk products, the village farm milk is a raw chemical less liquid with no added urea or thickening factors.

Our village is surrounded by many small time farmers, so the milk produce is marketed by milk maids who carry them in small clay pots or cans, in a bamboo basket inlaid with hay, on their heads dressed in white sarees.

There are regular spots they halt, or door deliver, they offer curd, milk, ghee and butter and butter milk, there are many who drink butter milk offered for 3 rupees a large tumbler.

A thick blessing of curd for 6 rupees is what my home needs.

Cows milk is also a rarity,in this area most of the farmers have buffalo milk for sale.

For those who are deep into scientific microbiological hygiene this is not for them, for them Aavin and Nandha pall , "farm fresh” they advertise ,suit yourself.

For the vegans who use no animal products, this is a flip over page.

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