Monday, 6 September 2010

Marriage to the unknown - to know and live

It was the day of betrothal, and the bride was all decked with flowers and jewels and other accessories to her usual silk and embroideries, her palms are done with henna, and she has a shy lip stick on, a newly picked up fashion to this village.

A wedding auditorium has been arranged for the function,the local residents arrive according to their times with friends to sit and gossip, a rare balloon vendor sits to sell his loons of colorful balls to the kids.

The grooms relatives arrive with the cultural band of musicals the nadaswarams and thavil, they bring in colorful sweets and fruits and cakes and dates and a new saree and a jewel to win and take away the bride with them.

The village headmen are the ones who solemnize the function, and every one blesses the bride for a happy understanding life with her Man.

The guests are served sandal paste and flowers and eats(mixture and a jilebee) and drinks. (from butter milk to the adulterated pepsi)

The bride is then sent with the grooms’ family for more rituals at their home, before the marriage proper at another destination.

This has been the tradition and it is dying as folks are getting to realize, that one needs to know who we are going to spend the rest of our lives with, before getting committed to love and live.

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