Sunday, 12 September 2010

Happy Birthday - VINAYAGA

The village celebrates the occasion of Vinayagar Chatruthi .

The tractor pulled the trailer which had the cart carrying the large vinayagar, the cosmic secret, in form state which explains things in expressive words., behind the trailer was the mobile generator for the lights and serial decorations.

The floral arrangements were simple aided by the banana piths, and the poojaris topless, large bellied, and decked with sacred ash and marks on forhead, the procession was led by the musicans, all costumed in silk and barefooted, this went around, encircling the village road.

Vinayagars birthday celebration is usually simple, but these days every other street seems to outdo the neighbors in offerings of prasadam and loud speakers all bellowing their noisy songs, in showing their affection to vinayagar.

These days even the cops were called to keep the crowd from getting too rowdy, and not to create any unwanted religious tantrums,but that is sure there,we notice, when we suddenly hear the crowd yelling and whistling when they had gone to get their vinayagar doll at the market for a price, all painted and made up in bright colors, later to be begged and cajoled for bargains in business and other gifts.

Many street folks make a temporary thatched temple to house the painted dolls, and make a game of spiritual poojas, with the focus lights and all the village women well adorned for the occasion.

The speakers and poojas will carry on for a few more days till the idols get immersed in the closest water ways like Cauvery, then the form less poojas will carry on for a long time.

All these games will continue to be played till we have some one explain the significance of them all, and when we do, may be they will all stop to know that they have an inner meaning, for the understanding of existence.

Till then, Vinaaayagapaaa…ohh ohh Vinaaayagappaaa….and the tune goes on.

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