Sunday, 26 September 2010

A cluster of custard apples

There is a faint memory of my grand old mother, who used to sit on the stone slab outside our ancestral home and call us kids to offer us these custard apples, she used to hide them in the folds of her saree,and only when her grand kids( she had about 40 of us ) passed she would invite us for a treat, each was offered as the only one who was special to receive that gift.

We never knew this until later in life long after she had passed away, we shared this secret did we realize we were the jewel of hers, each one as precious as the other.

It is the season of custard apples now, the vendors bring them in bamboo baskets, and lay them in clusters selling them for 10 rupees.

We can pick the unripe ones and they will ripen in a day or two.

This is one fruit which is still unaffected by the industrial farming methods, no pesticides or fertilizers are used, most grow wild at a farm.

For most the satiety is at two fruit stage. Unless u have the tv on to watch and forget your fruit, so sit under the tree and relish with a spoon.

It is a village kids puzzle, where the question is “what fruit is so tempting for Ram?”-

Seetha. ( it is the vernacular name of the fruit)

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