Sunday, 12 September 2010

Natures design on wings - BUTTERFLY

It was mid after noon and I had just got up from my siesta, went to the garden tap for a wash, a middle size black beautifully decorated butterfly flew into vision and was checking up the flowers, with his inbuilt straw.

My heart got tuned to his flappy wings, and began to beat to its pace and palpitate.

My mind got lost and I was literally flying with him checking the flowers for the nectar which I could not smell or see, how pygmyish I was with my senses, but at least I could see him.

His stature was smaller,but many things were greater, his fluttering wings, such energy in them, the carefree spirit, ease of movements, anti gravity weight and what a vision!

He was followed by his partner, she was as beautiful and identical, finding her own flowers and not coaxing him to follow, they danced around the flowers in the air and seemed to fill their nectar bags for the day, they fluttered around the garden some more and then flew away to another stage to make another show of existential beauty flying, mersmerising others who noticed them.

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