Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Unification of opposites

Nature has a biological drive for the propagation of species, and man seems to have different ideas.

He has been stunned to see the growth of mankind beyond sustainability, and wants to find ways to destroy it with his short cut ways.

He is promoting homosexuality and chemicals to stop or stunt male drives and anatomical disruptive methods, to destroy family and culture.

Nature has always found ways to balance things and why should man take on the chair of management is such affairs, against natural physical laws, of ball and socket attractive magnetic actions.

Men and women are unique, made for each other for the happiness of a family and for the promotion of satisfaction, but if one finds it cool to stay alone for the understanding of oneself and avoidance of the other, good but that is no reason to find one of the own gender for togetherness, and unnatural sexual relationships and with it the spreading of diseases.

May the genders mix and dance to the tunes of nature than build up questionnaires to accept homosexuality in modern living.

Marriage between two men, and the state and religion accepting it?if there was a god somewhere, whether a SHE or a HE I love to see the face when they get to know this.

No other species in the whole world has fallen for this trap.

Is like poles of a magnet repelling not enough of a visible reason to understand this !

Down with Homosexuality and its promoters with evil intentions.

May we see the beauty of the opposites and its unification for the continuation of the artistic relationships.

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