Thursday, 17 March 2011

HERBS to be kitemarked

It is good when things need to be quality checked and offered a state of safety for public use.

Imagine we quality checking things that come from nature with medicinal qualities which have been in use for a long time in folk and traditional methods, to heal and keep humanity in a state of health.

When such methods are used to check for quality, and dangerous heavy metals, like they check synthetic chemical medicines, they will loose out in the trade, as it would cost a lot of money and no traditional ,medicine maker makes profit like the large pharmaceutical brothers and so in the long run, sorry in the short run, he gets to run out and the losers are those who had been safe with the herbs.

A pity the very methods used to check,do not carry the same standards on the big brothers Pharmaceuticals, as we can notice them if we run a cross check for the side effects on the multi -organs that the modern synthetic medicines hurt in their stay within the body.

Well, coming May this goes to effect . Ta ta herbal medicines we can see u on the go.


Shazia said...

I don't think its control the herbal stuff.. we aren't really growing those herbs ourselves.. are we?
It was ok in ancient times, when things weren't so much adulterated!
There is poison and heavy metal in almost everything.. even the food we eat!
Guess we have to go back to farming our own food and medicines.. :)

Yoda said...

Its total rubbish - another attempt to push out the little guy and make room for more pharma giants.

Thank heavens this hasn't reached our country yet.

venkhat said...

Thank heavens it has not reached our country yet, but one step by those fair skinned folks, and they make the whole world follow with the WHO and more abbreviation organisations.

The room for pharma giants will never be sufficient for their greed.

one way it is good to control , but how can the ones who are in a different system check on others , when their whole array is full of heavy metals and rat poison.

Each system can have a controlling body.

we villagers are getting back to own farming and own medicines in a way Shazia, it will surely work out with difficulty.