Friday, 18 March 2011

A lone kite on the evening sky

It was a coppery evening light and the rays were from an acute angled sun, the village urchins were with a lone kite, and it was already up when i had come to their area on the way from my laundry at the well.

The gang of about 6 had been jumping around taking turns to hold the twine, negotiating the kite and the other at the bobbin with the rest of the twine, one came up with an idea to attach a hollow sheet of paper and send it up, quickly it was sent thro' the bobbin and up and up it went along the twine towards the already drifting kite.

The kite had a small tail and attached to it were three side liners like whiskers to a face of a diamond bird.

It was a small entertainment , but enough to take all the energy of the moment and bring on smile and inner happiness to the whole self.

I was tempted to join the stringed pull of the navigating team, but chose to watch at a distance for more time, till i moved away and eyed the kite till it was lost to the glare of the sun and the hillock.

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