Saturday, 12 March 2011

Moony effects on Earth

If the happenings on earth are due to the strong effects of the moon and its closeness in the next few days, will our men and women also see changes in our manners and behavior between ourselves?

The footage's of the Japanese disaster comes on as a shocking interval to what ever we have been doing during the telecasting.

Unbelievable and each one will have their mind racing to think of loved ones and friends there or the incalculable loss of homes and industry and paths.

Is this just laws of physics playing havoc or some one up there in heavens moving coins in a chess game.
Whatever, the consequences will affect the full blue ball called EARTH.


Shazia said...

I dont know much about astrology! But, can it be that the change can bring about a change in the behavior men and women? Already much has changed. How is this linked?

venkhat said...

It is just an excuse, for bad men to play havoc and blame it on the astrological signs, but they say tides and minds do go high and low at such times of full moon and magnetic activity

Yoda said...

I've noticed a lot of erratic behaviour and road rage during the full moon, so I hope this moon brings positive change.

I mean, how much worse can humans treat each other? We look like we're reached the limit.:)