Monday, 7 March 2011


If we are really part of the health care , let us try to expand Health and what we stand for in it.

If we were to talk to those who are healthy, will we have any thing to offer to their state of health , or will we care only if they are ill, then it becomes ill care, or disease care, or sick care, why HEALTH CARE?

Do we take them to a state of Health or only pre - sick days.

ohh if only some one could tell me what is that state of HEALTH.


Shazia said...

Oh god!!
Mind boggling!!
Need to ponder on it..
Food for thought!!

venkhat said...

Shazia, i just hope this food does not give u indigestion during the process of thinking.

Shazia said...

@ Venkhat ,you wont believe this.. but i just finished writing a post and I saw this and i was indeed writing about indigestion!! god ! do we think alike????