Sunday, 20 March 2011

When UN is US

Bills are passed after so many votes are tallied and cross checked and then discussed.

Does nothing of that kind ever done when an act of aggression against another nation takes place?

To tax a public, so much is discussed, and the pals are given the best of the tax cuts, but no discussion when missiles and courageous men and women are sent across seas, to hurt civilians with different cultures, who have nothing to do with yours.

Is there no one in the land of the brave and the home of the rich and cultured, to ask why are the lands far away to be given special attention, to take for granted that they are yours for asking, and plundering.

Representatives in the congress have got glue stuck in their pants and within the mouth, preventing them from raising and opening their orals, or silenced by other methods.


venkhat said...

"those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it".

It has not been long since SADDAM and his land was destroyed,many realize that they have been duped into believing that he had WMD, well who do u think gave it to him first, and IF we all believe that US has them now who is going to defuse them from US.?
M may be a despot, another M in Africa may be an equally big and crazy despot, u check how many are there like that in your land, clear them first.

STOP pilfering in the name of democracy and good will, does one have to shout to make one listen to ones owns voice.

It is time a nation stops playing the POLICEMAN on another nation and steal their wealth.

Do u Americans not have enough problems at home?can u not dig and find resources in your vast land, and spare the life of your young and the experienced veterans from going to fight in another land , to fill the vaults of the cunning folks among u.

Do u folks find sense in all this madness called WAR.

I some times can see u encouraging fights among yourselves and betting on them for entertainment, well unless u change from the bottom we as a whole are going to weep till we kill ourselves with tears.

Yoda said...

Interfering blatant mischief-mongers, these Americans. You should see the comments on a yahoo article on Libya, gardner, its like they think they're doing the world *a favour* by meddling.:)

The US comment says, "We should stop helping these nations so that the world finds out what the it would be like without us"


venkhat said...

Yoda, some nerve and the worst part is they seem to get along and keep the people of the world in check, wonder when it will erupt with in their land.

Yoda said...

Probably not in our lifetime, gardner, since wealth keeps disfunction under wraps for ages, even in families.

But, like Rome, it should start showing decay even while it goes about conquering. Their economy should collapse under the weight of their foreign spending first. We might live to see that.

The sad thing is that the average american can't understand why the world hates the US because they think their taxes are being used to help other nations.

jyoti said...


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Yoda said...


I see you have visited many blogs this week.

First, I wish your site wasn't based on a copy of Ilango's JNSar - but that's alright - imitation is flattery at best.

Second, the star analysis was interesting but not very convincing - I would have liked to see it based on some system.

Third, there's no comment section on your site - how come? Don't be afraid to open yourself to criticism.

All the best.