Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Alternative - the other bank

Those standing and living in this bank, rarely get to have an opinion that is strong, supportive and understanding as their own of the other.

It is time and space we get to at least from now on to see the alternative as the world now is a smaller place, we are living in with all the latest gadgets and quick travel and knowledge of the other.

History gets to be written by the winner and supportive of his actions and the looser , looses not only the battle but also the honor with the false trading of information by the media.

With the media taken over by the strong, the gullible public gets only what will keep them consoled and passive and calm, or make them violent to act the way the elite want the public to react.

This is not only for history,and news , but also in the lessons we are professionals in,we are not taught to question things that flow from the top,rebellious nature will not be accepted, for higher studies, or for picking topics which will go against the nature of the firm and stronghold.

Alternatives are good to let us know what we have, it may make us stronger or make us seek truth with bearings.

May we get to open up to alternatives in many areas around us for the best of what is available.


Yoda said...

Viva la alternatives!

Darwub is misquoted as saying the survival of the fittest - he said survival of the fittest gene. Let compassion survive as a value.

Yoda said...

lol, make that Darwin* ... typing in the dark.:)