Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Silent communion

The dancing leaves blowing in the cool breeze, were forming disco light effects with the sun shining thro them on the garden floor.

The early morning garden times are spent for break fast and mind games of the money kind.

He is up at about 6.30 am and is ready for bed exercises, and all the sit ups and other things that have been taught by the physio therapist, whom he has taken a liking for making me go green with envy.

The sprouted oats and hand pounded aval uppuma make a great break fast with idlies and sambar as touchy side dishes for me and my old man.

He has taken a liking for the maths games with coins and paper money, and the skills are taking a roll on the ground, and moving to fun and laughter, with mistakes of the elderly kiddy kind.

I wonder what goes on in his mind at those silent moments, the recent times with him have been more of a silent communion of the human kind.

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